FLEXBOOL PLC & NEXTION Touchscreen Display

    The example illustrates the operation of a FLEXBOOL PLC with a 7" NEXTION full-color touchscreen display. For the purposes of this example, we will control two Air Compressors (STAR/DELTA starting), Unload and Drain valves, and Cooling Pump (direct start). The Nextion touchscreen interface is arranged in 2 pages – CONTROL and SETTINGS. The CONTROL page gives a simplified overall view of the controlled system. It indicates the current state of both Compressors, Cooling pump, Unload and Drain valves, Compressor control mode, Active Alarms and analog values of the monitored parameters – cooling temperature, Air pressure and compressor’s motor current. The SETTINGS page allows the system user to configure the pressure control parameters and alarm limits. The short video below demonstrates the user interface in operation.
    The example can be used as a basis for development of various control systems where a touchscreen and visualization of operating parameters on the display is required. Thanks to the wide I/O standards support of the FLEXBOOL PLC, you can easily add various additional functionalities such as Variable Frequency Drive control (0-10V, PWM, RS-485), AMS notifications, operating hours tracking, on-screen maintenance reminders, etc.

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