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    May I use Arduino libraries in my code?
    Yes. FLEXBOOL PLC is based on ESP32 processor and fully compatible with Arduino IDE. Thus аll Arduino math and logic functions as well as many ESP Arduino libraries are compatible and can be used in your code. Please also check our SOFTWARE chapter for the FLEXBOOL hardware specific libraries and functions.
    Are there any license limitations for published code examples?
    How can I check the HW version of my controller?
    What kind of UPS battery may I use with FLEXBOOL PLC?
    May I connect a panel signal lamps to the PLC digital outputs?
    Is there an internal backup supply for the real time clock?
    May I supply the FLEXBOOL PLC from the panel USB connector.
    May I supply some devices directly from the PLC UPS Battery?
    Does the RESET button reset the PLC to factory defaults?
    May I arrange OTA update of the FLEXBOOL PLC program?
    What can I use the PLC panel buttons for?
    May I use an interrupt from the FLEXBOOL panel buttons?
    May I display an image from the SD Card to the PLC display?
    Does the RTC have an auto-adjustment for months and years?
    May I arrange a periodical hardware self-check?
    May I use an interrupt from digital inputs?
    May I use 3-Wire connection for RTD sensors (PT100)?
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